Shirné Grobler obtained both her BComm (Law) and LLB degrees from the University of Stellenbosch. She is an admitted Attorney, Notary Public and Conveyancer and an attorney with right of appearance in the High Court of South Africa. She works in STBB’s Cape Town litigation department as a Director, specializing in Family and Divorce Law, deceased estate litigation and general litigation.


Although some divorce matters require extensive professional input and can take years to resolve, this is not the case for all matters. Not all marriages are the same and similarly, not all divorces are the same.

The purpose of the online-divorce service is to create a platform where you can amicably resolve and finalise your divorce electronically, as far as possible, at a fixed and all-inclusive amount, but with the benefit of the professional oversight of one of our divorce/family law attorneys. In order to make use of our online divorce service, you and your spouse must discuss and agree on the terms of your divorce, such as the division of assets, the payment of spousal maintenance if any, in matters where there are children born from the marriage, the care and contact arrangements of the children as well as the maintenance payable in respect of the children. The second requirement is that you and/or your spouse must reside in the Western Cape or Gauteng or regard these provinces as your place of domicile.

To access the online divorce portal, click here, and for assistance, contact Shirne Grobler if you are domiciled in the Western Cape or Justin Hamers if you are domiciled in Gauteng.

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