Online Divorce Application

Although some divorce matters require extensive professional input and can take years to resolve, this is not the case for all matters. Not all marriages are the same and similarly, not all divorces are the same.

The purpose of this online divorce service is to create a platform where you are able to resolve and finalise your divorce electronically, as far as possible, at a fixed and all-inclusive amount but with the benefit of professional oversight.

In order to make use of our online divorce service, you and your spouse must discuss and agree on the terms of your divorce, such as the division of assets, the payment of spousal maintenance, if any, and in matters where there are children born from the marriage, the care and contact arrangements of the children as well as the maintenance payable in respect of the children.

The second requirement is that you and/or your spouse must reside in the Western Cape or Gauteng or regard the Western Cape or Gauteng as your place of domicile. Your divorce will be finalised through the Cape Town or Gauteng High Court (depending on which Court you choose) and the Plaintiff in the matter will be required to attend Court on the day of the divorce.

The last requirement is that both spouses must reside in South Africa (although only one spouse has to reside in either the Western Cape or Gauteng).

The cost for this service will be an all-inclusive amount as reflected in the questionnaire.

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How it works

Step 1– You must complete the questionnaire, which records your personal information as well as the terms of your divorce. At the end of the questionnaire, you will have the option of recording any terms that were not catered for in the questionnaire.

Step 2 – At the end of the questionnaire, you must upload a copy of your marriage certificate, an Antenuptial Contract (if you are married out of community of property), an identity document or passport, and proof of your residential address.

Step 3 – After you submit the questionnaire you will be required to pay a deposit. This will cover the cost of us opening a file for you, preparing your settlement agreement, and all attendances up until the point where you are provided with the final draft.

 Step 4 – After steps 1 to 3 have been completed, we will draft your settlement agreement, which will be sent to you via email. You have the option of deciding whether you want one of our professionals to phone you after you have received the settlement agreement in order to go over it with you.

Step 5 – You and your spouse must sign the settlement agreement and return the original to our offices. We will provide you with the exact instructions in the email containing your settlement agreement.

Step 6 – Once the settlement agreement is signed and returned to our office, the second payment half of the all-inclusive fee.

Step 7 – We will attend to all the procedural requirements necessary in order to set your matter down at Court and will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for you to attend Court.

Step 8 – On the day of the divorce being finalised, we will accompany you to Court and explain exactly what needs to be done on the day.

Step 9 – Once we receive the Divorce Order from Court, we will provide you with a copy thereof. You can also choose for us to send the original certified copy to you via registered mail.

Begin with the questionnaire