Jesse Dreyer
Jesse Dreyer is an admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa, who works in the Litigation Department of our esteemed Tyger Valley branch. Collaborating seamlessly with Anneli Wiese, he assists her in overseeing the Defended Portfolio for Standard Bank. Jesse's approach is both professional and personal, ensuring unparalleled service. He is dedicated to guiding clients through the intricacies of the legal process, handling a broad spectrum of litigation matters, from corporate and commercial to property and banking, across various courts in South Africa. His expertise also extends to debt recovery and correspondent litigation.

With a law degree from the University of the Western Cape, Jesse majored in Labour Law and Advanced Civil Procedure. His commitment to justice saw him volunteering at Street Law and attending meetings at the Black Lawyers’ Association (BLA-SC). During his academic journey, he assisted UWC legal Aid Clinic with the indigent clients in divorce-related matters. Further enriching his qualifications, Jesse secured a certificate in International Business Transactions from Howard University, Washington DC, and also expanded his knowledge in dispute resolution upon completing Law School at the University of the Cape Town.

Jesse's professional journey began at Parker Attorneys Inc, where he managed legal matters for renowned insurance firms, gaining invaluable experience in areas like Road Accident Fund claims, criminal matters and labour disputes. His tenure at STBB expanded his legal repertoire, diving deep into realms like Corporate & Commercial Litigation, Property Litigation, Evictions, and Contract Law. His meticulous approach has consistently yielded positive results for clients, making him an indispensable asset for those seeking adept legal counsel.

Beyond his legal prowess, Jesse is a strategic thinker, known for his stoic demeanor in challenging situations. This equips him to tackle unique challenges with finesse. Outside the courtroom, he is an avid trail runner, MMA enthusiast, surfer, and kayaker. A creative at heart, Jesse delves into filmmaking and music, not just as a consumer but as a creator. He is also passionate about promoting financial literacy.

In essence, Jesse Dreyer embodies the relentless pursuit of truth, envisioning a future where your legal challenges are adeptly addressed and resolved.


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