Chante Moonsamy
Chante Moonsamy is a graduate of the University of the Free State who has completed her studies through correspondence at Varsity College in Durban North. She has obtained her LLB Honours degree in year 2018. Chante esteems herself as having methodical and amiable traits. Her expertise has advanced during her first year at STBB, being exposed to the various processes of the property sector. She has a firm grasp of the property development and transfer process. During the course of her second rotation at the Helderberg branch, she has also been introduced to the exciting litigation practice, which includes drafting of legal agreements, contracts, consultations, legal research, and various court procedures and was further pleasantly acquainted with the family law sector, which she is greatly fond of. Chante considers herself to be an industrious, meticulous future leader who believes in persevering in the smallest acts as that is what leaves the greatest impression. Chante also has competed in and won many local competitions for various art pieces in contemporary, Impressionism and abstract art. Chante also has a musical background, being formally apart of an international choir, which she regards as a great way to de-stress. Her charitable causes includes refurbishing and using her skills to paint murals on a newly developed school on a farm in her hometown along with being a part of locally packing and distributing of clothing and food to nearby areas who lack the day to day essentials. Chante is based at the Helderberg branch of STBB.


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Property Law and Conveyancing