Belinda Lewis
In her 25-plus years of practice, Belinda has honed her skills to the level of an expert in her field of practice as a property law specialist. Belinda prides herself on her ability to swiftly and sensibly overcome problems encountered in the conveyancing and property transfer process. Whether these problems relate to the property itself, parties involved in the transaction, title deeds, timing, or unforeseen technical obstacles, she finds the most practical and expeditious solution to the matter for her clients, and optimally, all parties. To that end, Belinda and her team approach their work with the confidence that no obstacle is insurmountable.

Assisted by a team of capable and skilled paralegals, Belinda’s key role in the conveyancing transaction is to manage risk, timelines, expectations, undisclosed “surprises”, financial or tax queries, development potential, compliance with FICA and other laws, title deed queries, and property defects discovered post-signature. Belinda believes in the importance of effective and reliable communication in the transfer process, which is accomplished through in-person consultation at STBB’s offices, alternatively in the comfort of the party’s home or office, and also via telecom or WhatsApp, whichever is most convenient.

Above all, she understands the time sensitivity of conveyancing transactions and the financial impact of undue delays. Her practice is thus guided by the critical importance of holistically and perceptively working with the people, property and finances that sit at the epicentre of all conveyancing and property law-related processes.


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Property Law and Conveyancing