Refqah specialises in all aspects of property law. Refqah joined STBB when merging Refqah Fataar Attorneys with STBB in 2008, after 10 years of private practise. Whilst most of her work is in Conveyancing, she also attends to due diligence investigations, deceased estates, Islamic will and non-Islamic wills. She is a trustee of the Women’s Property Network (WPN) Educational Trust and former chairperson of the SAPOA Western Cape Council.

Thought of the Week | Your will and your worldwide assets

In the past 50 years or so, people and capital have become more mobile and often, along with this new global citizenship, comes ownership of assets in foreign countries. South Africans with offshore assets should seek professional assistance to determine if they are exposed to a foreign tax and whether it would be prudent to draft a separate will for assets outside the country.

Question that often arise are:

1. Is it a problem if I only have one will in respect of my worldwide assets?
2. Are there any benefits to having a separate will in each country where I own assets?
3. Are there any concerns which I need to take into consideration when having separate wills?

Read the answers to these questions here.

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