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Thought of the Week | Western Cape – 10 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Property

Thinking about selling your property or have a client that wants to sell theirs? Here are 10 top tips for quick and reasonably affordable improvements that can help you achieve a better asking price:

  1. Outside looks matter
    Do not underestimate kerb appeal. Consider painting the façade of your property (even if it’s just the trim) and perhaps pruning overgrown trees.
  2. Have a garden? Neaten up!
    Ensure your lawn is mowed and your garden space is neat and tidy.
  3. Buy some plants
    Greenery is visually appealing so buying some shrubs or house plants can add to your home’s aesthetic appeal. Look for plants that do not require too much water.
  4. Eco-friendly installations
    Utility conservation is a worthy investment that can increase the desirability of your home. While certain solar power installations, greywater systems and boreholes are costly, Jojo tanks and small solar geysers are small investments that you can reap the benefit of when you sell.
  5. Remember the importance of your kitchen and bathroom/s
    These are crucial selling points for any home. If a makeover/renovation is not in your budget, consider small improvements like limited customised finishes (handles, taps, shower head), replacing old tiles with a modern look and fixing any small cosmetic inconsistencies.
  6. Are you secure?
    You don’t have to break the bank to install an alarm system and strategically placed lighting. Security is a must for most home buyers.
  7. Visually Increase Your Home’s Square Footage
    Let light in – a sunny room feels larger and more open. Add a single large mirror to a room to visually double the space. Clear the clutter – the more clutter and furniture you have in a room, the more cramped it feels. Consider adding a shelving unit if it will neaten up the clutter.
  8. Money-saving luxuries
    Consider installing a water filtration system in your kitchen. It is an inexpensive addition, but it’s the sort of small luxury that homebuyers love.
  9. Ensure it smells great
    Invest in room fresheners to fill your home with continuous, fresh fragrance so that prospective buyers who come to view your property are greeted by a subtle, beautiful scent when they walk through your door. Most fresheners last up to 60 days.
  10. Cleanliness counts!
    Ensure your home is clean and tidy on viewing days. Consider purchasing flowers and arranging them in a vase on these days for the added touch.

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