Thought of the Week | Selling without approved building plans?

You want to sell your property, but do not have approved building plans? You have three options:

  1. Obtain approved plans for all unapproved buildings/additions: You will need a site plan of the unapproved buildings and submit the plan with your online application for approval to your local authority. For the City of Cape Town, the application can be submitted here.
  2. Sell your property subject to obtaining plan approval. You can commence marketing your property immediately, submit your plan and application and, should you receive an offer, make it subject to providing approved plans to the purchaser prior to transfer.
  3. Let the purchaser acknowledge the absence of approved plans and accept liability for the risks associated therewith in the sale agreement: This would only be advisable where the purchaser intends to renovate or alter the building in which case new plans would in any event be required.

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