Thought of the Week | Remember The Importance Of Incoming And Outgoing Inspections

Model rental property tenants often morph into nightmare tenants when they move out. Damage left to the property, perhaps also coupled with unpaid utility bills, can wipe out much of the returns that the landlord had hoped to make.

It is therefore advisable to take note of the clear provisions of the Rental Housing Act regarding inspections. It stipulates that as a general rule, a landlord may not charge a tenant for damage to the premises on expiry of the lease if he did not perform both an incoming and an outgoing inspection. This provision is made in fairness to the tenant, who may only be held liable for damage if it occurred during, and as a result of, his tenancy. It is advisable to be very specific in the inspections and photographs taken at the time as these could prove very helpful as points of reference at a later date.

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