Dawid du Plessis is a practising Attorney in the Cape Town branch of STBB. Dawid started his career at the Road Accident Fund’s Randburg office in 1997 where he gained valuable experience in third party law. He was admitted as an attorney in 2005 and joined the STBB team in 2007. Dawid is part of the personal injury department.

Thought of the Week | Managing the affairs of an ailing parent

Families are sometimes faced with the need to appoint a curator for an ailing parent or sibling where the latter can no longer look after his/her own affairs due to illness or advanced age.

Our law allows for a person to take control of the personal affairs of another where, in an application to court, it has been shown that the person no longer has the mental capacity to do so on his/her own. Such an application can be made by any person who has a direct interest in the matter. Various pieces of supporting information is required, including reports by a medical practitioner and a psychiatrist.

Depending on the circumstances, the court may appoint a family member or other appropriate person, such as an advocate or attorney, to become the person’s curator. It is a rather complex process and an experienced attorney will be able to assist you with all the required steps.

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