Jacques has more than 30 years’ experience as an attorney in all aspects of litigation and commercial work. He joined STBB from CK Friedlander when the firms merged in 2012 and is currently a Director in the commercial department. Jacques advises on all aspects of commercial law, especially sales and restructuring of businesses and companies, drafting of commercial agreements and the tax consequences of transactions. He also works closely with the estates department in advising on estate planning, wills and, especially, trusts.

Thought of the Week | Know what is expected of you as director?

Directors’ duties are partially codified in the Companies Act. A director is liable to the company for any loss, damages or costs, if he/she:

  • acted in the name of the company without authority;
  • acquiesced in carrying on of the company’s business despite knowing that it was being conducted recklessly;
  • had been a party to a fraudulent act or omission by the company; or
  • had been a party to publishing false and/ or misleading financial statements
  • at a meeting failed to vote against certain matters.

Consult with our Commercial Law Team for advice in all aspects relating to the management of the affairs of a company where you serve as director.

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