Thought of the Week | Just change the rules!

Pete and Jane own a sectional title unit in a quiet residential scheme. With their children away on gap years and studies, and with a view to bolstering their retirement savings, they decide to make the now empty accommodation available as Airbnb rental.

All goes well until a note from the trustees arrives, advising that due to complaints received from other owners, they plan to pass a resolution to create a new conduct rule prohibiting short term letting.

It is not so simple. Whether it relates to Airbnb, keeping of pets, the use of visitors’ parking bays or any other such provisions, conduct rules in a sectional title scheme can only be amended or varied after a special resolution to this effect has been passed by the owners. In addition, it must be noted that the new rule will only become effective once it has been submitted to and approved by the office of the Community Scheme Ombud.

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