Hein is a practising Attorney and Conveyancer based at the Helderberg branch of STBB, having first spent time in our Noordhoek and Cape Town branches. He was born in Port Elizabeth and studied at the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE). Hein obtained his B.Juris degree in 1998 and completed his LL.B degree in 2000. He was admitted as an Attorney and Conveyancer in 2002.  As a conveyancer, Hein manages transfers, property developments, mortgage bonds and sectional title related matters. He is also involved in the training of estate agents, mortgage originators and bank employees and frequently conducts Legal Updates.

Thought of the Week | Fixtures and Fittings

You’ve sold your house. The new owner, a big rugby fan, gives you a call to remind you not to remove your built-in speakers, projector screen and satellite dish as he wants to throw a World Cup house warming party. You realise that none of these items were properly addressed in the deed of sale … so how do you know whether they are permanent fixtures and fittings? The three factors usually considered are:

  • the nature and the purpose of the item;
  • the manner and the degree of attachment; and
  • the intention of the owner.

However, these do not always provide a conclusive answer. The only way to avoid a dispute between a seller and purchaser, is to include a comprehensive list (with the assistance of your estate agent or attorney) of what is and is not included in the deed of sale.

For assistance in all aspects of your sale agreement, contact your STBB conveyancer.

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