Shirné Grobler obtained both her BComm (Law) and LBB degrees from the University of Stellenbosch and completed her articles at STBB. She is an admitted Attorney, Notary Public and Conveyancer and works as an Associate in STBB’s Cape Town litigation department, specializing in Family Law.


Having trouble with recovering maintenance that is due to you in terms of a Court Order?

Failure to pay maintenance in terms of a Court Order is both a civil and criminal offence. If a parent who is obligated to pay maintenance does not pay, the primary caregiver of the child can bring an application for the enforcement of the Maintenance Order in terms of which a writ of execution or an emolument attachment order can be issued.

The writ of execution allows the sheriff to attach the defaulter’s movable property, which can include a pension fund or provident fund, while the emolument attachment order will direct the defaulter’s employer to make deductions from the defaulter’s salary.

August 2020 is our maintenance month and as part of maintenance month, we are assisting clients with completing applications for the enforcement of Maintenance Orders at a set fee. For more information please contact