Hein is a practising Attorney and Conveyancer based at the Helderberg branch of STBB, having first spent time in our Noordhoek and Cape Town branches. He was born in Port Elizabeth and studied at the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE). Hein obtained his B.Juris degree in 1998 and completed his LL.B degree in 2000. He was admitted as an Attorney and Conveyancer in 2002.  As a conveyancer, Hein manages transfers, property developments, mortgage bonds and sectional title related matters. He is also involved in the training of estate agents, mortgage originators and bank employees and frequently conducts Legal Updates.

Thought of the Week | Changes to a Sectional Title Unit

A unit in a sectional title scheme can be amended by subdivision, consolidation or extension thereof.

When consolidating or subdividing a section, the owner requires the consent of the trustees of the body corporate. The extension of a section requires a special resolution, meaning that 75% of the owners in the sectional title scheme must vote in favour, because an extension will affect the participation quota of all the other sections in the scheme.

For all three changes, a draft sectional title plan has to be lodged with the Surveyor-General for approval, and the approval of the relevant municipality is also required.

To make sure you follow the right legal processes and lodge the correct documentation, contact your STBB conveyancer for assistance.

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