STBB Privacy Notice


STBB respects the privacy of its clients, business partners, third parties involved in matters that it attends to, and its staff (‘data subjects’). Accordingly, it has put measures in place to protect the personal information of data subjects as required under the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (the ‘POPIA’).

In this notice, STBB notifies data subjects of its data processing activities. Should the reader have questions, require further information or assistance, please contact STBB on

1. Personal information that STBB collects

1.1 For purposes of business operations and rendering its services, STBB collects and processes personal information in accordance with the POPIA for the following purposes:
1.1.1 When it is a legal requirement to do so;
1.1.2 When it is necessary to give effect to a matter in which STBB has been instructed to render services;
1.1.3 To protect a legitimate interest of a data subject; and/or
1.1.4 When it is necessary for pursuing the legitimate interests of STBB or of a third party to whom the information is supplied.
1.2 The extent of personal information collected depends on the type of interaction between STBB and the data subject, and the purpose of the collection as detailed in clause 1.1. above.

2. Instances when STBB collects personal information

STBB processes the personal information of data subjects when:

2.1 The data subject provides their personal information directly to it;
2.2 A data subject becomes a client and the personal information is obtained by virtue of STBB’s onboarding process;
2.3 A data subject appoints STBB to provide legal services;
2.4 A data subject subscribes to STBB’s electronic news services;
2.5 A data subject registers to attend a webinar or other event that STBB hosts alone or in conjunction with a third party;
2.6 A data subject uses STBB’s website, the STBB Direct App or its online services;
2.7 A data subject renders services to STBB;
2.8 A data subject visits an STBB office; and/or
2.9 It collects the information from a reliable third party source and/or from public domain platforms where it has been made available by the data subject.

3. Security of personal information

STBB takes all reasonable and appropriate measures to keep the personal information of data subjects secure. However, STBB cannot guarantee the absolute security of the measures it has put in place.

4. Sharing and transfer of personal information

4.1 STBB will only share the personal information of data subjects as set out in this clause.
4.2 STBB may share and transfer personal information between other STBB offices across South Africa, for the purpose of providing legal advice or other services as well as for its internal business processes.
4.3 In addition, STBB may:
4.3.1 Disclose personal information of data subjects, their employees, and agents to other legal role-players, including advocates, mediators, arbitrators, or experts engaged in a matter as well as via technology service providers such as eDiscovery;
4.3.2 Disclose personal information to third party law firms or service providers for the purpose of obtaining foreign legal advice;
4.3.3 Share personal information with local authorities, the South African Receiver of Revenue, sectional title body corporates, homeowners’ associations, and other role-players in conveyancing matters;
4.3.4 Share personal information with companies providing services to check for money laundering risks, perform credit checks, and other fraud and crime prevention searches;
4.3.5 Share personal information with its suppliers and service providers, domestically or abroad, including IT services providers, to process personal information on its behalf and in accordance with its instructions;
4.3.6 Share personal information with regulatory authorities, courts, tribunals, government agencies, and law enforcement agencies;
4.3.7 Be obliged to disclose personal information to comply with legal or regulatory requirements; and/or
4.3.8 Share personal information with its insurers and insurance brokers.

5. Storage of personal information

Personal information is retained for different periods, taking into account the business purpose for which the personal information was collected as well as relevant legislative prescripts.
STBB does not retain personal information for longer than necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected. It will also not hold it for a longer period than required to comply with any legal, regulatory, or reporting obligations or to assert or defend claims.

6. Data subjects’ rights in respect of personal information held by STBB

The POPIA grants data subjects certain rights regarding their personal information held by third parties. Accordingly, STBB records that a data subject may:

6.1 Request STBB to update or correct any inaccurate personal information, or to complete any incomplete personal information it holds;
6.2 Request STBB to stop processing the personal information for direct marketing purposes and/or to unsubscribe the data subject from any email subscriptions or electronic news emanating from STBB;
6.3 Object to the use of their personal information, request STBB to restrict the use of the personal information, or request STBB to delete the information. Note that such objection/restriction/deletion may make it impossible for STBB to perform the task entrusted to it and may otherwise be refused if STBB is obliged to retain and process the personal information; and/or
6.4 Subject to certain exceptions, request to receive copies of their personal information held by STBB.

7. Changes to this privacy notice

STBB may review and update this notice from time to time.

Should you have any questions or require assistance, contact on