Maryna holds the BA, LLB, LLM degrees and is a Director at the Cape Town branch of STBB. She is an admitted Attorney, Notary Public, Conveyancer and Insolvency Practitioner with many years of experience in the fields of property law, conveyancing and the laws relating to corporate compliance (especially in respect of the FICA and POPIA laws). Up until 2018 she was also head of the firm’s national marketing portfolio. She is a seasoned public speaker and presenter, both in person and online. She prepares text for the majority of STBB’s internal and external publications and is editor and co-writer for two pivotal publications in the South African real estate industry – the ABC of Conveyancing (JUTA) and Delport’s South African Property Law and Practice (JUTA).

Property Law Update | Issue 08 – 2017


Amardien and Others v Registrar of Deeds and Others (5283/2016) [2017] ZAWCHC 14
(23 February 2017)

Where property is sold in an instalment sale agreement, our law requires the contract to be recorded within a certain timeline against the property’s title deed, essentially to protect the purchaser should the seller try to sell the property to a third party without the instalment-paying purchaser’s knowledge. To give teeth to this, the law further provides that a seller cannot claim compensation before such recordal. One may well wonder, as the court was asked to determine here, what happens if the contract was recorded late. Did the obligation to pay instalments come to a standstill in the meantime, or did the outstanding amounts nonetheless accrue and become immediately due and payable once the contract was recorded?

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The Judgment
Summary of the Judgment



In this, the sixteenth set of notes for your STSMA Reference Guide, section 17 of the Act is discussed.

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Section 17 of the Act – Destruction of or damage to buildings (and winding up of affairs of a body corporate)
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