Maryna holds the BA, LLB, LLM degrees and is a Director at the Cape Town offices of STBB. She is an admitted Attorney, Notary Public and Conveyancer with many years of experience in the field of property law and conveyancing. She is also the firm's Marketing Director and attends to external publications for the firm as well as conducts ongoing training for estate agent and bankers training and is a regular seminar presenter for attorneys and property practitioners.

Property Law Update | Case buyer and seller disputing whether the sale was subject to a condition to get a bond

McGrane v Cape Royale The Residence (Pty) Ltd (831/2020) [2021] ZASCA 139 (6 October 2021)

We all know that when a dispute between a seller and buyer arises in the context of the sale of property, the party seeking to escape the contract will very painstakingly comb through the transaction to find a way out. This is a case in point. The sale agreement had provisions to the effect that, were the purchaser to require bond financing, approval had to be submitted by a certain date. The purchaser had intended to pay cash and did subsequently pay the full amount to the conveyancers. Nonetheless, and due to a dispute between the parties, the purchaser told its attorneys not to pass transfer. The Court came to the assistance of the buyer.

Summary of the Judgment

The Judgment

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