Newsflash | STBB Direct App: New release offers even more

We are pleased to confirm that, having taken the feedback and suggestions from our business partners into account, we have just released version 2 of STBBDirect in the APP stores. The main new features include:

      1. Co-branding with STBB: Agencies can contact us to include their logos on the calculations, reports, transfer and bond cost estimations generated in the APP.
      2. Calculators: We have now added an affordability calculator and a cost per square meter calculator. The cost calculator for sectional title deals has been enhanced to make provision for the additional costs when exclusive use areas are included and/or more than one section is sold.
      3. Notifications of news that is important to you will appear more prominently.
      4. An option to choose to receive reminders of clients’ birthdays and deal anniversaries, has been activated.
      5. You can now navigate directly to a specific deal when receiving a push notification relating to that deal.
      6. The ‘read status’ of deals is now synchronised across all your devices and the web.

If you enjoy these enhancements, rate our APP in the App store and contact us for further questions and suggestions.

Contact us on should you require more information.

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