After 10 years of successful private practice, Refqah merged her firm with STBB in 2008. Based at STBB's Claremont branch, Refqah specialises in all aspects of property law, administration of deceased estates, estate planning, wills and Islamic wills. These areas of expertise have led Refqah to be appointed as the national head of STBB's Estates, Wills and Trusts department. She is a trustee of the Women’s Property Network (WPN) Educational Trust and former chairperson of the SAPOA Western Cape Council. Refqah is married to design architect Imraan Ho-Yee. They live in the southern suburbs with their two sons and Imraan's older son and daughter.

From the desk of Refqah | Budget 2017

From 1 March 2017, the 1st R900 000 on a property purchase price will be exempt from transfer duty payable to SARS. This equates to a saving of R4500 from last year’s duty.

Trusts remain the highest taxed property-owning entities, with income tax increased from 41 to 45%, and capital gains tax hikes from 32.8 to 36%.

On a lighter note, the rand is at an incredible R13/ dollar today!

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