Dawid du Plessis is a practising Attorney in the Cape Town branch of STBB. Dawid started his career at the Road Accident Fund’s Randburg office in 1997 where he gained valuable experience in third party law. He was admitted as an attorney in 2005 and joined the STBB team in 2007. Dawid is part of the personal injury department.

Thought of the Week | Three legal consequences of motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents usually give rise to three legal processes:

  1. A criminal case where the State will prosecute the wrongdoer or accused;
  2. A civil claim for the material damages to the vehicles and its contents or load (usually dealt with by your insurer); and
  3. A statutory claim against the Road Accident Fund for damages as a result of injuries or death of a party involved in the accident.

It is very important to understand that, although these are three separate legal processes, they are very closely linked and the outcomes of each will affect the other.

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