Lamees Daniels
Lamees Daniels is a practising Attorney and Conveyancer and an Associate at the Claremont branch of STBB. She runs a dynamic practice which specialises in both developments conveyancing and retail transfers and is actively involved in the biggest development law unit in South Africa, managed by the firm. She further specialises in attending to property due diligence enquiries and has a vast array of knowledge on the application of technical title conditions, zoning regulations and council by-laws. Her day to day practice involves technical conveyancing, specifically transactions involving sectional title as well as retail conveyancing and agent training. Given her close working relationship with architects, land surveyors and developers, she is actively involved in researching council regulations and deals extensively with council requirements and the registration of technical council (and private) servitudes. Under the guidance of STBB’s Director in Development Conveyancing, Allan White, Lamees has successfully attended to a number of property conversions from share block to sectional title. Lamees dedicates her spare time to the Naqshabandi Soup Kitchen initiative which is dear to her family and which focuses on feeding drives in townships around Cape Town. Lamees holds an LLB degree from the University of the Western Cape, with additional modules in Conveyancing and Islamic & Shariah Law. She also holds a diploma for completing the Practical Legal Training course at the University of Cape Town.

Senior Associate

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Property Law and Conveyancing