Isabella Gullan
Isabella is a second year Candidate Attorney currently in the Conveyancing department at the Cape Town branch. She attended the University of Cape Town where she graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science degree, majoring in Law & Politics and Governance in 2019. Thereafter she completed her LLB in 2021. At UCT she was placed on the Dean’s Merit List and received a Golden Key Award from the Golden Key International Honour Society. While Isabella is committed to building an estimable career in law she believes in social awareness, giving back to the community and assisting those in need is important. In furtherance of this she has served as a Students for Law and Social Justice Mentor, volunteered at the UCT Law Clinic and was an active member of the LAWCO society. Isabella has a wide range of interests ranging from competition law, corporate litigation, will’s and estates, property law and children’s rights and would like to pursue a career in one of these fields. To relax she enjoys being in the outdoors, swimming in the sea and spending time with her animals, family and friends.

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