Aphiwe Mkhize

Aphiwe Mkhize
During my university experience, I was involved with Black Lawyers Association Student Chapter, a non-profit organization, its main purpose being to educate students about the law, and to create a platform where issues were heard and solutions were created. Black Lawyers Association also participated in socio-economic events such as sanitary towel drives and fundraising events.

I had the honor of being elected into the executive team where I played a key role as projects and event officer for the branch. I was also a student legal advisor at the UWC Law Clinic under the supervision of my Supervisor, where I learned skills pertaining to leadership, professionalism, how to apply the law, communicating with clients, and solving real legal issues.

I was also a member of Street law which was a volunteering program that did community outreach projects, and my absolute favorite, being a mentor for the first years as a way to help transition into University. These experiences with people from different backgrounds have not only shaped my general perspective but have made my life more meaningful. To walk alone is easy but to do it together as a team makes the journey more fulfilling, and that is something that I always gravitate towards and hope to achieve wherever I am placed.

In my leisure time, I enjoy the outdoors, staying active, and spending time with the people that are dearest to me. "You've been blessed with the opportunity to embody limitless potential so imagine without limit" Miles Carter. That's my daily mantra. One of my passions has always been delivering a service to the people, I've always known that I would thrive in that type of environment.

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